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How Findlay Hats' Retargeting Converted 600% Better with Shoelace

Jimmy Hickey knew he wanted his retargeting to authentically reflect Findlay Hats’ brand image versus the cringy alternative of flogging the same product ad over again. That’s where Customer Journey Retargeting really hit the mark.


About Findlay Hats

Findlay Hats is more than just a headwear company. Since the company’s launch in 2013, they’ve built a community known as the Findlay Force who is passionate about their product and wears their hats with pride around the world. Their trademark hat was born as a result of their co-founder Jimmy Hickey’s frustration after losing his favorite hat on a rafting trip when he was younger. The next time he went rafting he made sure that his hat was securely attached to his head using his own shoelaces. He got a lot of compliments on the design and soon realized that there was real potential for a business in the making. Fast forward to 2018 and Jimmy’s frustration has definitely paid off with almost a million hats sold and over 3,500 rave reviews.


As a product-first and production-heavy business experiencing rapid growth, the team at Findlay Hats was stretched super thin. With so many moving parts, it was difficult to give everything the attention it deserved.

While their efforts on paid ads were showing positive results, Jimmy knew they could close the loop better and increase sales if they put more energy into retargeting. But he simply didn’t have the time to master this himself while managing production and wearing all of his other hats (no pun intended!).

Shoelace’s approach to Customer Journey Retargeting lines up perfectly with our marketing efforts and simply works.


It was crucial for Jimmy to have Findlay Hats’ brand image reflected authentically in a way that resonated with his customers versus the cringy alternative of flogging the same product with annoying and impersonal retargeting ads he had seen elsewhere. That’s where Customer Journey Retargeting with Shoelace really hit the mark.

Finday Hat’s ad conversion rate went from 0.3% to 1.8%. An increase of 600% on purchases from total audience reached through retargeting.


What made Jimmy decide that Shoelace was the right fit for Findlay Hats’ retargeting?

  1. Customer Journey Retargeting
    Shoelace’s story-telling approach to retargeting based on where a customer is in their buying journey really resonated with Findlay’s long-term view to building their brand and nurturing their tight-knit community.
  2. Do-It-For-Me Solution
    Knowing that Shoelace combines powerful automation with real in-house experts to create a highly customized retargeting strategy was a source of comfort for Jimmy given how strapped for time the Findlay team was.

Since becoming a Shoelace customer, Jimmy feels like he can (almost) completely forget about Findlay Hat’s retargeting because he knows it’s in good hands.


“I know that the Shoelace campaigns are going to perform as well as they can, and perform significantly better than I can make them. There’s not a lot of things that I have that level of trust towards.”


Findlay Hats’ Retargeting Journey

Instead of annoying customers with the same repetitive retargeting ads, Shoelace leveraged behavior signals to show the right customer, the right ads at the right time based on where they were in the purchasing funnel.



This helped create a more memorable brand experience and moved the needle on the bottom line by increasing ad conversion rates by 600%. Now Jimmy and the team at Findlay Hats have the peace of mind that their retargeting is engaging, on-brand and delivering great results. All while freeing up the time they need to better handle all the moving pieces of their growing business.

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