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What is Customer Journey Retargeting?


Right Customer. Right Ad. Right Time.

Customer Journey Retargeting (CJR) is a personalized approach to retargeting (or remarketing) that shows the right customer, the right ads, at the right time based on where they are in the buying journey.


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Retargeting shouldn’t be annoying

Consumers are tired of traditional retargeting that shows the same, repetitive and impersonal content over and over again. That is, in a word, “annoying” and “annoying” is not how you want your brand to be remembered.

The statistics speak for themselves:
• 85% of consumers report that intrusive ads give them a poor opinion of the brand that is being advertised;
• 88% of consumers report seeing retargeting ads for products they already purchased;
• 77% of consumers report they often see too many retargeting ads from the same retailer.

These stats make one thing abundantly clear, consumers are not happy with their current retargeting experience. Instead of contributing to the issue and damaging their image, brands should choose a retargeting strategy that is optimized for building brand affinity. That’s where Customer Journey Retargeting comes in.

Customer Journey Retargeting is a personalized approach to retargeting that shows the right customer, the right ad, at the right time based on where they are in the buying journey. So whether, for example, a visitor to your store viewed your homepage (Expressed Interest), looked at a particular product (Showed Consideration) or added an item to their cart (Took Action), you can target these people with a very different sequence of ads that are tailored to their personal level of intent which prevents ad fatigue and boosts engagement.

Shoelace uses your brand’s content and marketing assets to create Customer Journey Retargeting that builds emotional connections, tells your brand story and creates memorable experiences for your customers. Content tailored to specific segments helps brands boost conversions and has been proven to increase retargeting revenue, on average, by 30% for high-growth brands.

Instead of bombarding consumers with annoying, repetitive and intrusive ads, Customer Journey Retargeting leverages behavioural data to deliver a sequence of tailored ads that engage past visitors throughout their buying journey. When done right, journey retargeting can help brands stand out and differentiate while also increasing conversions across the customer lifecycle, resulting in higher LTV.

Here are some examples of the assets that Shoelace typically leverages with Customer Journey Retargeting to deliver the right ads and increase conversions:
• Reviews from Yotpo, Stamped,, Shopify Reviews or Conversio Reviews
• Instagram lifestyle imagery from Foursixty
• Brand lifestyle images
• Brand and product videos
• New Arrivals, Sales, Best Sellers and trendy collections
• Leads generation and Facebook messenger ads

Put simply, a one-size-fits-all approach to boosting your website’s conversions i.e. traditional retargeting simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Nowadays each interaction with your customer should be fresh and personally tailored to the individual based on their activity while they visited your store.

In our over-communicated society, the brands that have the most impact are those that create truly memorable ad experiences for their customers and Customer Journey Retargeting by Shoelace is the best way to get your brand in front of digitally native consumers in an authentic, memorable and personal way.


See real-world examples of Customer Journey Retargeting in action. Download the 54-slide deck!

How Customer Journey Retargeting Works

Imagine serving up a sequence of ads based on where your customer is in their buying journey. Maybe they’re just discovering your brand (Expressed Interest), checking out your latest collection (Showed Consideration) or they’ve added a product to their cart (Took Action) — Customer Journey Retargeting is a full-funnel approach that delivers ad experiences that bring your customers back time and time again.



A Proven Methodology for Increasing Conversions and Boosting Retention

Let’s break down each component of successful Customer Journey Retargeting.


1. Tailored to the Buying Journey

Visitors enter various stages of the buying process before they eventually convert. Customer Journey Retargeting serves up content that is relevant to these visitors depending on where they are at each stage of the funnel.

For example, a visitor that has added a product to their cart may see a sequence of objection handling ads that highlight your lifetime warranty and generous return policy—reassuring them to do business with your brand.

2. Engaging and Non-Repetitive

Customer Journey Retargeting helps fight ad fatigue. Instead of annoying, repetitive content, visitors are treated to fresh and personalized content that blends into their social feeds authentically. Instead of ad creatives with bland products shots on a white background, Customer Journey Retargeting leverages lifestyle images that tell your brand story and inspire engagement.

3. Sequenced Ad Experiences

Visitors of your brand’s website are brought through a timed sequence of retargeting ad experiences in the days and weeks after their visit.

4. Aligned with Marketing Strategy

Customer Journey Retargeting is holistic. It leverages data and content from email, user-generated content, reward programs and other marketing strategies to create truly personalized ad experiences for your customers.

5. Success is not just about ROAS

Return on Ad Spend is crucial, but success with Customer Journey Retargeting is also measured by revenue growth, repeat purchase, and conversion rate increase. Customer Journey Retargeting doesn’t stop after a purchase, instead it optimizes your retargeting ads to increase customer LTV.

The 5 Benefits of Customer Journey Retargeting

1. Build Stronger Relationships

Past visitors are provided with true added value as they journey through a memorable retargeting experience that builds trust in your brand.

2. Boost Conversion Rates

Visitors are encouraged to progress through the funnel in a natural way that is proven to boost conversions over conventional retargeting.

3. Increase Repeat Purchase

Retargeting shouldn’t end at a single purchase. Customer Journey Retargeting allows you to keep your customers engaged and coming back for the long term.

4. Grow Your Sales

Brands that have adopted the full-funnel approach of Customer Journey Retargeting have seen a sales lift of up to 30% compared to traditional retargeting.

5. Build Your Brand

Every touchpoint is an opportunity for your brand to solidify a position in your customers mind. Customer Journey Retargeting helps you stand out compared to repetitive ads.

Get inspired by real-world examples of Customer Journey Retargeting. Download the 54-slide deck!

It’s Time to Deliver a More Personalized and Relevant Retargeting Experience

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