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Leverage the full power of Klaviyo in your retargeting strategy

Reaching your entire audience with consistent and personalized brand messaging across all of your marketing channels is tough work and it’s often hard to see whether your efforts are paying off in terms of increased return and engagement. That’s why we set out to create tools that would help make synchronizing your favorite marketing apps a seamless and rewarding experience. Your brand’s messaging should be consistent across all of your chosen marketing channels so we built our Klaviyo integration to help make aligning your marketing campaigns effortless.

Boost your best email campaigns

With our Klaviyo integration, you can trigger retargeting ads that are aligned with your email campaigns’ activity. Every time an email is sent to your subscribers or when an email reaches a certain open or click-through rate, an ad will automatically be created to re-engage the email’s recipients on Instagram and Facebook.

How it works

1. Connect Klaviyo to Shoelace. 
Shoelace will synchronize all of your Klaviyo lists, segments and email activity.

2. Set up a trigger for when an email gets sent.
Based on open or click rate, you decide when you want to boost an email campaign with a retargeting ad.

3. An ad is automatically created when an email campaign meets your conditions. The ad will leverage the text and image from your email and engage the list of email recipients on Instagram and Facebook.

4. Get notified by Shoelace to edit and approve the ad in one-click.

5. Increase engagement and revenue generated from your email activity.


Do more with Klaviyo + Shoelace

Spread your most popular content across multiple channels

You can now promote any of your successful past Klaviyo email campaigns through retargeting ads. With just one click Shoelace automatically pulls any past email’s content and imagery and crafts a retargeting ad for you that will be shown to the recipients of the email or an audience of your choice. This helps you get your message in front of the right people easier than ever as you reach them in the channels that they use the most, creating new revenue-generating opportunities.

Engage all of your Klaviyo lists & segments

Some of the most powerful Klaviyo features are lists and segments. With this integration you can now retarget all of your Klaviyo lists and segments in one click. Leveraging Shoelace’s full ad library you can create personalized experiences that are proven to boost customer engagement and increase LTV.


Unleash the full power of Klaviyo in your retargeting

Our Klaviyo integration unlocks new retargeting experiences that help build brand equity and boost sales across channels. Synchronizing your marketing tools like this creates efficiency by streamlining your team’s workflow and unlocks new revenue opportunities by reinforcing the campaign’s message. The integration has proven to generate an average Return on Ad Spend of 600%. Implementing it into your brand’s marketing strategy is a no brainer so why not try it for your brand today and see the results for yourself.

About Shoelace

We’re on a mission to provide brands with powerful tools that empower them to create personalized and engaging experiences for their customers. We’ve seen thousands of brands create long lasting customer relationships by implementing an effective retargeting strategy and we wanted to give them even more ways to do this seamlessly so we can’t wait for you to try out our Klaviyo integration!

If you’re already using Shoelace and Klaviyo, learn how you can set up the integration.

If you’re not a Shoelace customer yet, what are you waiting for? Get started here.

And if you’re interested in taking your brand’s email marketing to the next level, reach out to to Klaviyo to learn more.