How Rhone crushed ROAS goals & delivered incredible brand experiences with Retargeting Journeys

Building a brand that inspires people is no easy feat. Rhone needed their buying journey to reflect the brand's ethos authentically and create a compelling desire to make a purchase. That’s why Customer Journey Retargeting with Shoelace was the perfect solution.

Rhone was created out of its founders’ frustration over the lack of high quality men’s activewear brands on the market. They wanted to create a brand that represented their ethos to “inspire one another in the pursuit of progress”.

Every Rhone garment alludes to this with their trademark interlocking stitch woven into each as “a call for unity in an ever-divided world.” Their founders state that “It appears on every piece of clothing we make and is a simple reminder that together we are stronger.” With such virtuous sentiment, it’s clear that Rhone wants to be recognized as so much more than just another clothing company.

To embody these shared ideals they’ve created an enduring men’s brand that boasts premium style and innovative substance. Each piece was intricately designed for the everyday activities of the working man that wears them and ingrained with the benefits of seamless wearable technology which Rhone strives to innovate. But such lofty ambitions come with the daunting challenge of creating consistent and memorable customer experiences at every stage of the buying journey that are as high quality as the brand they represent.

"Shoelace has in-depth knowledge of retargeting and provides a great structure for building out a great customer journey by speaking to our customers at the right stage in their journey."
-Kyle Johnson
Director of Digital and Performance Marketing


Rhone had achieved consistently good results in the past but they were worried about their customers getting exhausted with repetitive content and the risk of creating a poor brand experience that comes with it.

No stranger to the intricacies of paid marketing, the team knew that they could bring their retargeting to a whole new level by creating a full-funnel, personalized customer journey that represented the brand authentically.

At the time, the team wasn’t happy with the mix of creatives and diversity of content they were using. They also had a lot of redundant and repetitive ads that didn’t reflect the true quality of the Rhone brand. That’s when their Chief Marketing Officer began researching the best ways to provide memorable customer experiences using retargeting and discovered Shoelace.

"It's definitely a daunting task to set up a retargeting journey from scratch."

They were impressed with Shoelace’s Customer Journey Retargeting approach and how it created so much content diversity and personalization. It was so time consuming for their team to create personalized retargeting ad sequences that could authentically convey their brand message and continue to drive results. They wanted to take their website visitors through a memorable sequence of brand experiences by showing them the right ad at the right time which is why Shoelace resonated with them so well.


Using Shoelace’s Journeys they were able to achieve the results they were looking for from their retargeting by creating a personalized and memorable customer experience at every stage of the buying journey.

They’ve loved the diverse mix of creatives and how Shoelace utilized all of their brand’s content in their ads to reach more of their audience than ever before.

Getting started was super easy. They just shared their imagery, brand stories and customer personas and Shoelace created a personalized and engaging customer journey. Working with a lot of different service providers in the past, they’ve found that most retargeting services aren’t always aware of the current industry best practices whereas Shoelace has been a step ahead of the game since the beginning and the customer support they’ve received has been stellar. From the detailed segmentation of the full journey experience to the ongoing creative refresh and strategic advice, Shoelace is the perfect retargeting partner.

"I saw the most value in the heavy lifting and the segmentation of the retargeting journey."

Since Rhone started using Shoelace for their retargeting they've been able to focus their marketing efforts more clearly on scaling their business and acquiring new customers. It’s completely changed the way they think about retargeting and how it can create so much value for their brand. Their results are stellar and their brand experience is better than it’s ever been.

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