How This Jewelry Brand Gained a 39.51% Increase In ROAS In Just 30 Days

Industry: Jewelry

Platform: Meta


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The client is a jewelry brand that offers high-quality, affordable fashion jewelry that is made to last through all of life’s adventures. Whether taking a swim, hitting the gym, or just taking a shower, their water resistant jewelry will never tarnish.



Before working with Shoelace, the brand was struggling to achieve a profitable Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) on their Meta ads. Their average ROAS was under 1.5x, and in order to scale their business, this number needed to increase significantly.


At Shoelace, our guiding goal is to improve platform ROAS and grow overall revenue. When this client joined Shoelace, right away we began building key evergreen campaigns that we knew would help get that ROAS number up. These campaigns included retargeting, prospecting, and Advantage+ Website + Shop.

Throughout the first three months with this brand, we heavily tested ad copy, creative, audience targeting, and ad types. Because we had extensively tested these elements, by month 4 we had a large treasure trove of validated data to leverage. We shifted from experimenting with new copy to deploying the best performing variations throughout our new campaigns.

To improve the brand’s ROAS, we synced our strategy with leaning further into Meta’s algorithm. Catalog ads consistently delivered for this brand, accounting for over 52% of purchases and revenue during this period. Based on this performance, we determined that carefully planned catalog ads had the potential to increase ROAS. We crafted a two-pronged approach:

  1. We took the proven ad copy from other successful ad types (i.e., manual carousels, videos, and single images) and used it in new catalog ads. We made sure these new ads only used the copy variations that had historically resulted in the highest volume of purchases and ROAS.
  2. After a short testing period, we identified the top-performing catalog ad variation. This one ad was then launched into our existing Advantage+ Website + Shop campaign. We allowed that new ad to learn in Website + Shop, while we increased spend on the original ad that had proven itself in terms of ROAS.
Facebook Ads


Within 30 days, we achieved a 39.51% increase in ROAS on Meta and a 33% increase in the online store’s conversion rate. The brand’s ecommerce revenue soared by 18% compared to the previous month, contributing to a 10% hike in total revenue.

Facebook Ads Manager Screenshot


  • 39.51% increase in ROAS
  • 18% surge in online store revenue
  • 10% growth in total revenue
  • 33% increase in online store conversion rate


  • Strategic testing leads to informed decision-making.
  • Data-driven optimizations are critical for scaling.
  • Maximizing platform algorithms can unlock hidden potential.


Through strategic testing, data-driven decisions, and leveraging Meta’s sophisticated algorithms, Shoelace not only met the client’s objectives but also created a winning campaign setup that can be scaled over time.

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