How Shoelace Increased This Ecommerce’s Email Marketing Revenue by 200%

Industry: Home Decor ‍

Platform: Shopify + Klaviyo

The Brand

The client is a brand in the Home Decor category. They strive to curate a collection of timeless, minimal and earthy pieces to help bring their customers’ personal expressions to life in their homes. They create original, high quality products that bring magic and joy with an artisanal feel.

Dedicated to customer service, their aim is to provide the best online shopping experience in their industry. Their average order value is $175 USD.

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The Challenge

The client came to Shoelace in July 2022 wanting help with their email marketing. Previously they had been managing it themselves, but knew someone else could do a much better job with it. Each email they created took up hours of their time each week, going out on an inconsistent schedule without much planning or strategy involved.

As a design innovator, the client is passionate about maintaining beautiful aesthetics throughout their marketing, and needed their sophisticated and luxurious design reflected throughout their emails in a functional way.

They couldn’t dedicate enough time to planning an email strategy and executing it, so they were looking for a Growth partner who would help them unlock the opportunity available in the channel.

The Strategy

To make an impact that kicked off growth right away, Shoelace started implementing in-house developed email segmentation practices and engaged list sending. Shoelace combined these strategies with hours of constant, on-going optimization through multiple rounds of A/B testing of both email and SMS content.

Shoelace ran A/B testing on Subject lines, CTAs as well as testing straight, to-the-point body copy compared to more lengthy formal copy. Shoelace kept iterating on different areas and the tests resulted in increases across Open Rates, Click-Through Rates, and Conversion Rates.

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Not content with creating an email flow and letting it run, Shoelace continues to optimize the emails we create to ensure each email the client sends drives growing results.

‍The Results

200% increase in email marketing revenue

Since Shoelace took over in August 2022, email campaign and flow revenue has steadily increased. Within three months, the client achieved:

  • 200% increase in revenue by email marketing
  • Ongoing growth from continuous optimizations and A/B testing
  • Countless hours gained back each week by outsourcing email marketing
Revenue graph

The 200% increase now accounts for 23% of the brand’s total revenue and growing! In addition to this growth, email marketing by Shoelace has saved the brand countless hours each week in trying to create and manage the email marketing channel on their own. This time back allows the client to focus on other areas of their business that they didn’t have time for before.

Email marketing quote from Shoelace Growth Partner

After unlocking continuous growth in clients’ email, we pride ourselves on being email marketing experts who are repeatedly earning untapped revenue for DTC and other ecommerce businesses. Let Shoelace help you succeed with powerful email and SMS automations that grow revenue and give you back time today.

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