BikerHelmets Gets 56% ROAS Increase On Paid Ads With Shoelace In-House Creative


For over two decades, Crazy Al's BikerHelmets has carved out a reputation as a leading manufacturer and retailer of the highest quality biker helmets worldwide. With a product line that promises safety without sacrificing style, they’ve revolutionized the industry with the world’s smallest, lightest, and lowest profile beanie helmets that are Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant.

BikerHelmets’ commitment to fulfilling the needs of their customers has been a big part of their success. People were searching for a smaller beanie style motorcycle helmet that delivered DOT-approved protection, and BikerHelmets responded by manufacturing a helmet that surpasses all others in terms of size and weight without compromising on safety. And the helmets look good doing it too, as their stylish design displays. Having a product that’s as aesthetically pleasing and innovative as BikerHelmets’ products are, it’s crucial that their advertising efforts reflect the same level of detail and quality in their ad creative.


BikerHelmets’ own creative was already getting really good results for their paid ads, but their current creative assets were mainly standard product photos that, while informative, lacked the distinctive appeal that we thought could boost their results even further. The opportunity to amplify the brand’s impact through fresh, on-brand looking creatives was clear, but the challenge was in the lack of original creative assets available to work with.


That’s where Shoelace stepped in. Leveraging our in-house creative services, we recognized an opportunity to crank ad performance up a notch by designing brand new static and video ads using assets we created from scratch. Each piece of content was not only brand-aligned but also designed to resonate with BikerHelmets' target audience. 

We took the new creative and tested it on a fresh prospecting audience, introducing them to BikerHelmets’ products for the first time. In this campaign, we used various image creatives and linked each one to its corresponding product collection page. The campaign was structured based on a ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) model, excluding customers who had made a purchase within the last 14 days and those who had recently viewed product pages within the past 7 days.


before and after facebook ad creative

Ad Creative That Resonates With Audience Causes Surge in ROAS

The comprehensive creative overhaul paid off. Before using Shoelace creative, BikerHelmets’ creative on their ads had a ROAS at a very respectable 5.50x (a tribute to the skills of their Shoelace Growth Marketer, Rhandy). However, after Shoelace’s creative team designed some fresh, original creative assets, we were able to boost their ROAS to an impressive 8.56x, a substantial 56% increase. This dramatic upswing highlights the power of well-designed, engaging ad content in driving serious results.

“I’ve been with SL for many years, and I must say, I’ve had stellar results. But now, the results are off the charts since they added their creative services. Their ads that they’re doing now, their video content, has definitely kicked things up a notch, and I’m seeing the results.” - Al Eisen, BikerHelmets Founder

Optimized Ad Creative Produces Reduction in CPMs

Perhaps just as significant as the increase in ROAS, Shoelace creative resulted in a meaningful decrease in BikerHelmets’ CPMs (Cost Per Thousand Impressions). Initially, the client’s own creative had CPMs that were $12.17. After running the new ad content created by Shoelace’s in-house team, the CPMs fell to $8.37. This 37% decrease not only signifies a more cost-efficient advertising campaign but also shows the increased engagement and relevance of our creative content with the target audience. Using better ad creative resulted in lower ad costs and higher conversion rates - a definite win-win.

“Without their creative department doing what they’re doing now, I couldn’t attribute the sales increase I’ve had to anything else. It is because of their great creative department and the content they’re putting out for me. I just wanted to let everyone know that this is a game changer.” - Al Eisen, BikerHelmets Founder
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BikerHelmets’ ad results demonstrate how using top-notch creative can make a huge difference in improving ad performance. With Shoelace, they increased ROAS by 56%, slashed CPMs by 37%, and boosted revenue by a whopping 150%. It’s more than just numbers; it’s about connecting with BikerHelmets’ audience in a way that tells their brand story in a way that truly resonates and inspires conversions.

Your brand deserves the same. If you’re ready to amp up your reach, conversions, and overall business impact, it’s time to talk to Shoelace. With our in-house creative services included in every package we offer, reach out today and let’s start designing your brand’s success story. 

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