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Combating Opt-out Culture: The New Approach to Data Collection

The loss of 3rd party data doesn’t have to mean the end of data collection. What it does mean is that marketers have to diversify, adapt their efforts, and provide value to encourage their target audience to "opt-in" to data collection in order to bridge the gap that’s been created by new privacy changes and iOS 14.5.

In this webinar, expect to learn: 

  • Innovated ways brands are collecting customer data and providing additional value
  • New approaches to measuring attribution and establishing acquisition benchmarks
  • What-the-hey to do with all this data, and how it can be leveraged to bolster sales and revenue

Tactical advice from real experts hailing from:

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Speakers for this event

Akash Cillanki

Akash Cillanki

Senior Manager Growth Marketing, Shoelace
Dylan Fladhamer

Dylan Fladhamer

Email Lead, Shoelace
Jeremiah Prummer

Jeremiah Prummer

CEO, KnoCommerce
James Jones (JJ)

James Jones (JJ)

Senior Loyalty Consultant, LoyaltyLion

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