Details why you need regular high quality traffic for effective marketing

Jake Jardine
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The number of visitors your store receives on a regular basis is key to successful retargeting. We track visitors using Facebook's Pixel which you need to have installed on your site if you want to do retargeting on Facebook. The more high quality traffic that your store receives on a regular basis, the better the dataset will be that we can work with to create a powerful and engaging retargeting Journey for your brand.

Shoelace works best for online brands with over 10,000 visitors per month (usually about 6000 tracked visitors per month).

If you have less than 10,000 visitors per month we would recommend focusing on driving high quality traffic to your store. Getting started with retargeting before this threshold usually leads to poor results and we'd love for you to get the most value from Shoelace.

But what is a tracked visitor? 🙋

A tracked visitor is someone who has visited your online store while they are logged into Facebook and is not using AdBlocker. Because they are logged into Facebook when they visit your store, the Facebook Pixel installed on your site can track them and Shoelace can then use that data to retarget these visitors with ads. If they aren’t logged into Facebook or are using AdBlocker, then the Facebook Pixel can’t track them and they won’t be able to be retargeted.

Because the Facebook Pixel only tracks visitors who are logged into Facebook when they visit your store you may see differences in the number of unique visitors reported by the analytics dashboard in Shopify or Google Analytics vs the number of tracked visitors reported by Shoelace.

How do I know when I have enough tracked visitors?

You can always install Shoelace on your store and once you reach the appropriate threshold we’ll contact you to get you started.

You can check your tracked visitor count at any time from the Shoelace dashboard to see how you’re doing.

Alternatively, you can double check how many tracked visitors you have directly in Facebook once Shoelace is installed on your store by looking at the Audiences section in the Facebook Ad Account you have connected with Shoelace.

Search for the audience called "SL-30-PageView" and check whether the number shown is over 6,000.

If you have less than 6,000 visitors or you see “Less than 1,000”, “Not available” or “Audiences too small”, this means you aren’t quite there yet but you should continue to focus on driving high quality traffic to your store and hopefully one day you’ll be ready to get started with us once your store grows.

Of course if you still have any questions about getting started with Shoelace or about tracked visitors please feel free to reach out and our all star customer success team will be happy to help you out! 😃