How to Integrate Klaviyo With Shoelace

Annie Li
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Things to Know Before We Start

Shoelace is launching a new feature - Integrations - that helps merchants create unique retargeting campaigns leveraging assets from your connected apps. Using the "Trigger, Condition, Action" paradigm, you can set up retargeting campaigns to be automatically sent to you for approval when certain conditions are met.

You'll have the chance to select from a large collection of retargeting audiences that we've created for you - from Facebook custom and engagement audiences, to those automatically created from your integrated mailing lists and segments.

You'll also have the opportunity to pick relevant campaign templates from Shoelace's asset library - whether it's a Best Selling Collection, New Arrivals Ad or a Dynamic Product Ad.

All of this will help you show the right audience, the right ads, at the right time to ultimately drive higher revenues and LTVs.

How The Klaviyo Integration Works

Right after your Klaviyo email campaign goes out, Shoelace instantly creates a retargeting campaign to synchronize your message across multi-channels. We’ll retarget the recipients of the email, using the same images and messaging from the email they just received.

Shoelace does all the heavy lifting, you just create and send your Klaviyo campaign as usual and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll receive a proposal from Shoelace to edit and approve the campaigns before setting them live.

In addition to boosting your emails, you can now effortlessly retarget any Klaviyo list or segment using Shoelace's creative ad library and smart campaign creation:

We also sync all of your active, scheduled and draft email campaigns from the past two months so that you can effortlessly leverage the creatives and copy in a new Facebook and Instagram campaign.

How to Install Klaviyo

Login to your Shoelace account at or through Shopify and navigate to our Apps page and press install on Klaviyo:

To integrate, you'll need to copy a private API key from your Klaviyo Account Settings here:

You can also create a new API Key just for Shoelace. Once that's done, you can navigate back to Shoelace, paste the API Key ➡ Integrations and you'll see a collection of Klaviyo Integrations available for you to configure!

📝   Pro Tip:

The more customized segments you have built inside of Klaviyo, the more creative you can get with the retargeting on Facebook and Instagram. Here are a few must-have segments from Klaviyo: