Making sure you have the right Facebook Pixel connected is crucial in order to get the best results from your retargeting campaigns

Jake Jardine
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Each Facebook Pixel is linked to an ad account. When getting started we will recommend a Pixel based on the pixel that you have connected with your Shopify store.

You should ensure that you are using the correct Facebook Pixel for your Ad Account by logging into your Ad Account, clicking Ads Manager and then Pixels. From here you can see what Pixels are connected with the Ad Account that you are logged into and what their IDs are.

You can then verify that the correct Pixel is connected with your Shopify store by logging into your store, clicking Online Store, Preferences and navigating to the Facebook Pixel section to confirm what Pixel is connected or to connect a Pixel for the first time.

Of course should you have any issues with your Facebook permissions or settings while getting started with Shoelace you can always reach out to our All Star support team and we'll be happy to help you out. 😃