3 Ways to Optimize Your DTC Product Page for Conversion

Sarah Stockdale
By Sarah Stockdale
By Sarah Stockdale, Guest Author, Growclass
Feb 17, 2022
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You know it could be better, but if you stare at your product page for a second longer you might get sucked directly into your laptop and never return. I’ve been there. I’ve written hundreds of product pages for e-commerce brands and I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way. Let’s look at your page with fresh eyes, and make some small changes that will help you convert more sales.


Strap in. 

Write copy like a friend

Most brands write copy, well, like a brand. But when someone lands on your site, you have the opportunity to give them an experience that feels personal. Your customer is looking at your product page on their phone or their laptop, which is your chance to have a 1-1 conversation with them.


Scan your copy for language that talks about you. Search for anytime you say “we” or “our” and look for opportunities to speak in the second person. Highlight every time you use “we” and find a way to reframe it to speak directly to your customer. This will also force you to write about their needs instead of about how great your product is. 

Second person narration (although no doubt poo-pooed by your English teacher) gives you the opportunity to have a direct conversation with your most valuable customer (which is every customer), and it will make your copy feel intimate and engaging. 

Peek at how Care/Of uses you-copy to make their headline feel conversational and inviting:

care/of banner

And how Article’s descriptor copy gets creative with second person narration copy:

Resolve objections

If you’re doing it right, you talk to customers all the time. You know why they’re not converting. Don’t leave it up to chance that they’ll contact support or use your chat pop-up— you need to write objection-busting copy into your product page.

First, write out a list of common objections your customers have when they’re deciding to purchase your product. Then, build your objection statements into your product page.

Bonus points if you can do it creatively, like INH Hair. INH sells hair extensions and ponytails. If you’ve ever hunted down a good hair extension, you know the biggest drawback to ordering them online is color matching.

Instead of crossing their fingers and hoping you’ll take a chance on the color, they resolve the customer objection by helping them solve the problem before they bounce from the page:

Their page gives you three different ways to resolve your color objection to help close the sale:

Now, what is one of the biggest objections to buying clothes online? 

The ever-present question in the mind of your customer:

But how will it look on me?

It’s hard to order online off of one photo that doesn’t represent a range of sizes— so Smash and Tess takes photos of their product in every size. The customer is able to better picture the product on your shape, which removes an objection to buying clothes online:

Show don’t tell

My last tip is key. As a DTC brand, you’re asking your customer to take a mental leap and assume what you say to be true about your product is, well, true. And ya’ll, marketers have lied to all of us before so it’s no wonder folks are a little hesitant to believe your copy alone.

As much as possible, give your customers visual credibility as to the effectiveness of your product. INH Hair do a great job of this, showing how their extensions can change your look through smart product images:

As do Growclass alumni, natural skincare company Three Ships:

If your product doesn’t lend itself well to visual evidence, use customer testimonials anytime a savvy buyer would say “really?” when reading your copy. Photos of your product in action help lend credibility to your claims.

There you have it, three ways you can optimize your product pages to get more conversions. Let us know how you’ve changed up your product pages using these tips, we’d love to feature them at @Growclass

Sarah Stockdale is the Founder of Growclass, an online growth marketing academy focused on helping business owners learn how to optimize their growth channels, build a solid digital marketing strategy, and convert more sales. 

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