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Rockwell Razors Uses Customer Journey Retargeting as a Differentiator

Find out how Rockwell Razors uses Shoelace to create a personalized and authentic retargeting experience for their customers.

About Rockwell Razors

Rockwell Razors was born out of the frustration felt by its founders towards generic, mass-produced cartridge razors and the lack of customization they afford consumers. Before the big brand engineers developed the modern razor and realized that they could make a lot more money selling cartridges, there was something called a safety razor. Rockwell Razors took the old-time design of the safety razor and innovated upon it to create the Rockwell Adjustable Shaving System which gives their customers a customizable experience and the best quality shave for their skin type and facial hair length on the market

Avoiding Selfish Marketing

Gareth is not a fan of what he calls “Selfish marketing”, where a visitor is shown a retargeting ad for the exact same product over and over again. As a digitally native ecommerce brand, he knew that’s just not a pleasant experience for consumers. So when Rockwell noticed that the large competitor in their space was engaged in such pushy tactics, they realized they had an opportunity to differentiate.


“There’s an opportunity for pursuing a Customer Journey strategy to actually become a competitive advantage and differentiator.”


Customer Journey Retargeting with Shoelace


Rockwell Razors needed to find a way to educate their target market in a personalized and authentic way but were reluctant to outsource such an integral piece of their marketing strategy to an app. With Shoelace’s approach to Customer Journey Retargeting, they were able to create a custom retargeting experience that really resonated with their target audience and provided the right customer with the right content at the right time. What started off as the search for a retargeting solution turned into the discovery of a real competitive differentiator with Shoelace.

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