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Today we are launching an all-new version of Shoelace, which helps you grow sales by showing the right customer, the right ads at the right time with Customer Journey Retargeting.

We first launched Journeys last year because we felt that retargeting needed a revival. If you ask a consumer what they think about retargeting ads what you’ll probably hear is “Oh.. those repetitive ads that follow me around everywhere? Urgh. Super annoying…” Annoying is not how you want your brand to be remembered. It’s not how you’re going to nurture lifelong customer relationships. And It’s not how you’re going to compete with the incumbents in your space.

We believe that it doesn’t have to be this way; retargeting can play a powerful role in your brand strategy. When done right, retargeting can help build emotional connections with your customers, tell your brand story and create memorable experiences. We call this Customer Journey Retargeting and we are incredibly excited to announce an all-new version of Shoelace to help growing brands take their retargeting to the next level.

Our team has been working incredibly hard over the last 7 months bringing this release to life. It is the biggest project we’ve ever taken on at Shoelace. If you are a growth-focused e-commerce brand who cares about delightful customer experiences, you’re going to love what we’ve built. We are rolling out on an invite-only basis, sign up for early access here to be one of the first to try it out!

What is Customer Journey Retargeting?

Customer Journey Retargeting is when your brand’s retargeting experience evolves as customers move through their buying journey. Maybe a visitor who is discovering your brand for the very first time is intrigued by what you have to offer but has no intention of making a purchase just yet. Maybe a visitor who is a loyal repeat-customer, is on your website to check out your latest collection. Or maybe a visitor is somewhere in between. Customer Journey Retargeting is when your retargeting is tailored to be relevant to each visitor based on where they are in their lifecycle with your brand.

Customer Journey Retargeting is when a visitor returns to your website for the 2nd time in a week, and doesn’t get thrown into the same retargeting loop as first time visitors. It’s when you look at signals like how much time a visitor spent on your site, how many products they checked out and many other data points to determine their level of intent in order to personalize your ad experiences.

Customer Journey Retargeting is when your retargeting is aligned with the rest of your marketing programs. It’s when a customer who is enrolled in your loyalty program and has enough points to redeem a reward, sees an ad that says “Congrats! You’ve got enough points to redeem a reward with us!”. It’s when a customer who recently bought a product from you, sees an ad that thanks them for their purchase and lets them know about your monthly subscription offering.

Finally, Customer Journey Retargeting is being mindful of your customer’s social feed and not bombarding them with the same repetitive ads, especially during your holiday marketing when costs soar. But rather serving up fresh ad experiences that tell your brand story and build emotional relationships.

A detailed look at the new Shoelace

New Interface mapping the Customer Journey

One of the biggest changes you’ll notice is a sleek new interface which allows you to visualize your retargeting journey across the entire customer lifecycle. You’ll be able to see how many visitors are dropping off at each stage and monitor the effectiveness of the journey in moving customers through to purchase. Every Shoelace ad runs directly inside your own Facebook Ads Manager which means you have full transparency into the campaigns at all times.

Customized journeys that fit your brand narrative

We combine real human experts with smart technology to create highly customized retargeting journeys to match your brand narrative. Here’s how we do it:

  • The technology part
    Our system analyzes your data to determine the best retargeting strategy for your brand based on insights and learnings across all the campaigns we’ve ever run.
  • The human part
    Our real human retargeting experts review the journeys and tailor the ad experiences to make up for what software is not yet good enough to do (sorry, AI…).
  • Your final approval
    We send you a fully created retargeting journey to approve. You make the final revisions to incorporate the nuances of your brand voice that only you know best and then set the journey live!
Unique ad experiences for every stage of the journey

Customers in each stage of the journey will go through a different flow of ad experiences. As customers move from one stage of the buying journey to the next, their retargeting experience evolves accordingly to be more relevant and personalized.

Better results with intent-based segmentation

We are now analyzing around a dozen new website events like: Number of website visits, Time spent on site, Page scroll depth and more, in order to determine a visitors likelihood to convert. These data points are used to categorize visitors in each stage into one of three intent signals: Low, Medium and High. Depending on the size of your audience, and the strategy your retargeting journey is currently being optimized for, these segments will go through a different set of ad experiences.

Your retargeting journey grows as you grow

As your traffic grows, your retargeting journey will evolve accordingly. So as you go from a few thousand visitors a month to hundreds of thousand of visitors, you can rely on Shoelace to unlock the right level of granularity along the way.

Additionally, you can select between a strategy of Increase ROAS or Maximize Sales. Some brands are in hyper-growth mode and are interested in maximizing sales, even if that means a drop in return on ad spend (ROAS) multiples. Other brands are more sensitive to their profit margins and would rather have a higher return on ad spend (ROAS) multiple even if that means a drop in total sales. Shoelace has got you covered either way. Just select which strategy you’d like us to optimize for and we’ll take care of the rest!