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Increase customer retention, build loyalty and grow sales by promoting your rewards program through retargeting.

The cost of acquiring new customers through paid advertising is skyrocketing. These days, just running simple retargeting ads isn’t enough to keep your customers engaged. Thus, it has become increasingly important for e-commerce brands to incorporate rewards programs into their digital marketing strategy to strengthen relationships and drive retention among new and existing customers.



At Shoelace, we are huge advocates of Customer Journey Retargeting—a personalized approach to retargeting that shows the right customer, the right ads, at the right time based on where they are in the buying lifecycle. Often, marketers make the mistake of only using retargeting to convert visitors into first-time buyers; despite countless studies showing that it can be up to 25x more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.

We believe that retargeting can play a crucial role in loyalty and retention. That’s why we are thrilled to announce a new integration with Smile. A first-of-its-kind integration that adds the power of Shoelace Customer Journey Retargeting to your Smile rewards program.

With this integration, Shoelace syncs your Smile rewards data and automatically creates a series of Retargeting Nudge campaigns every month allowing you to keep your rewards program top of mind with your customers as well as helping you to:

Shoelace customer MantraBand was excited to be a part of our Beta program and test out these useful new features and has achieved incredible results since they integrated.


Grow rewards program members by up to 64%

Most visitors to your website may not be ready to purchase just yet. Inviting them to join your rewards program can be a really great way to help make their buying decision easier. Additionally, many of your existing customers who are not yet rewards members can be encouraged to sign up for your program to help build loyalty and drive retention.

This integration makes it a breeze to promote your rewards program to new members.

During our beta program, MantraBand, maker of inspirational bracelets, saw an increase of +64% on new rewards program members. In addition to new member sign-ups, some returning visitors also completed purchases, resulting in $1,510 more revenue for MantraBand that week!


Increase rewards points earned by up to 64%

Your program members may forget how close they are to being able to redeem a reward. They may also not realize how easy it is to earn more points with your brand. The Shoelace and Smile integration makes it easy to nudge members of your rewards program who fall below the threshold to redeem a reward, encouraging them to take action and earn more points.

Over the 7 days, MantraBand had this ad running, the average daily points earned by rewards members increased by 64%.


Boost rewards points redeemed by up to 53%

Many of your program members have earned enough points to reach the minimum threshold but haven’t redeemed their reward yet. Maybe they’ve forgotten, or maybe they didn’t realize they qualify for a reward. This integration makes it seamless to remind qualifying members to redeem their rewards.

During the week this ad was running, MantraBand saw an increase of +53% in points redeemed and 16 existing customers placed new orders.


Try Loyalty Retargeting with Shoelace and Smile

We are excited to provide merchants with a new way to build more meaningful relationships with their customers, increase loyalty and grow sales. A ton of work went into this integration at both Smile and Shoelace so we can’t wait for you to check it out.

We never considered this type of ad before and I’m excited to see it’s performing so well. It’s a great way to promote our rewards program and encourage brand loyalty and repeat purchases.

If you’re already using Shoelace and Smile, learn how you can set up the integration.

If you’re not a Shoelace customer yet, what are you waiting for? Get started here.

And if you’re interested in starting a rewards program for your brand, reach out to Smile to learn more (they are awesome!💪).

Reza Khadjavi
CEO at Shoelace