How to claim your Facebook Ad Account in Business Manager

Reza Khadjavi Reza Khadjavi | CEO at Shoelace

This post will show you how to claim your Facebook ad account inside your Business Manager.


Step 1

You’ll need to have a Business Manager account. If you don’t have one, go to: to create one.


Step 2

Go to Business Manager Settings to claim the ad account

facebook business manager settings

Step 3

Go to Advert Accounts (sometimes called: Ad Account)

advertiser accounts

Step 4

Claim your Ad Account

claim an advert account

You will then be prompted to enter the Ad Account ID here:

adver account id

You can find your Ad Account ID in the URL params when you are on the ad account. The account id will be the numbers after ?act=XXXXXXXXXXX in the URL.

my ad account

You should now have your ad account assigned to your business manager!

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