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We are incredibly excited to announce that Shoelace now uses your Facebook Pixel and Ad Account to run retargeting ads. There will no longer be an extra Pixel fired when you install Shoelace. Also, you’ll now have access to all the results data for the campaigns we run from inside your own Ads Manager.

Transparency is important to us

This is part of our continued effort to provide full transparency to our customers. Historically, advertising software has operated as a black boxwhere you don’t actually know what is going on behind the scenes. We are committed to doing our part to change this.

Your data belongs to you

We believe that no one should have the right to your data except for you. When a retargeting provider adds their own pixel to your website, they’ll start to build audiences and profiles from your website visitors. If you ever stop using their services, they will still have access to that data long after you’re gone. They may never do anything with your data (hopefully!) but we are against this practice in principle.

 One Pixel – Yours.

There should only be one Facebook pixel firing on your website. Yours. We can’t think of a good reason why any provider should be firing a Facebook Pixel that is not yours. To verify this, try a nifty little tool called the Pixel Helper to see what’s actually being fired on your site.

How it works for new customers

let's bring our visitors screen

Once you sign up, you will be prompted to connect to Facebook where you can connect your ad account and pixel to Shoelace. The only requirement is that you’ll need a Facebook Business Manager account. If you don’t have one, follow the instructions here to create a Business Manager and claim your existing ad account to it.

How it works for existing customers

If you already have an account with Shoelace, head over to the Settings tab and click on the “Connect to Ad Account” button.

The Shoelace dashboard isn’t going anywhere

Shoelace will still show you a simplified version of the results, but you can click to dig deeper into these results directly inside Facebook as well.

shoelace dashboard with link to facebook ads manager
The ‘view results’ link takes you to your Ads Manager where the campaign is being run.

Save on the 3% campaign fee

With the new approach, you will be paying Facebook directly for ad spend. We will no longer be charging the additional 3% fee that we used to charge for processing your spend. Yay savings!

Happy retargeting!

-Reza Khadjavi
CEO at Shoelace

If you have any thoughts/questions/comments on this, please send me an email at [email protected] — always happy to chat and share ideas!

If you want an intelligent retargeting assistant to take care of all your retargeting for $49/month, consider trying Shoelace today!